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Postgres@CERN - PostgreSQL Meetup at CERN - January 17th

January 17th, 2020 afternoon (14:00-19:00)
PostgreSQL Meetup at CERN (Geneva)

 Registration is now closed. CERN employees can still come without register. webcast will be live and doesn't require registration.

Hosted by CERN

Organized by:
Laetitia Avrot & Franck Pachot 

Sponsored by
EnterpriseDB & dbi services

 Enterprise DB, dbi services

Speakers - Talks:

  • Pavlo Golub - Professional PostgreSQL scheduling made easy
  • Anastasia Lubennikova - Advanced PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery methods
  • Gülçin Yıldırım - Evolution of Fault Tolerance in PostgreSQL
  • Oleg Bartunov - All You Need Is Postgres !
  • Vik Fearing - Advent of Code Using PostgreSQL
  • Romuald Thion - PostgreSQL at the university : some lessons learned

Location: Building 503 Room 1-001 (conference room B known as Council Chamber). Access to CERN: Tram 18 from Geneva Cointrin train station, Bus 10 + Tram 18 from Geneva Airport. Car park near CERN Globe.

From CERN reception, downstairs behind the tripod turnstile, follow "Auditorium" signs in the corridors, and when in the auditorium hall, we are in conference room B


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