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Updated angular analysis of the decay $B^{0}\rightarrow K^{*0}(\to K^+ \pi^-)\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$

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In the past few years there has been increasing interest in b sll processes, due to the emergence of several intriguing tensions between measured observables and SM predictions. Of particular interest is the study of angular distributions of such decays, where measurements of angular observables, which carry reduced theory uncertainties, can offer detailed insight on the nature of potential new physics models. A previous measurement of the angular distribution of B0 K0(K+π)μ+μdecays at LHCb, using data collected during Run 1, found a ten- sion at the level of 3 standard deviations with the Standard Model. This seminar will present an update of the angular analysis of B0 K0(K+π)μ+μdecays, including data col- lected during 2016. The total data set is roughly double the size of that previously analysed.

person Speaker: Eluned Anne Smith

event_seat Room: 503/1-001

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